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No one reads the subject line.

2008-07-29 15:41:34 by Kaviar101

I am still alive.


2008-02-24 21:13:07 by Kaviar101

They stayed 4.8 for an hour. WHat can i expect? still, not too bad.

Oh my goodness!

2008-02-24 20:59:16 by Kaviar101

Wow, two songs in one night... and BOTH OF THEM OVER 4.80/5.00!!!!!!

Holy cow... (only in india!) I guess I'll keep working!


2008-02-24 19:53:19 by Kaviar101

New song. action-ey. Yay.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had gotten a review by nessbeatsfox, one of my favorite NG artists. A 10! It was quite the pleasant surprise. I encourage all to check out his stuff.


Frooty loops

2008-02-20 19:18:15 by Kaviar101

Getting fruity loops.

Once i figure out how to use it, i can make some awesome songs. Once i figure it out.

NOTE: I think someone voted a random zero on my Kirby song... That sucks a$$. Yeah, I'm talking to you, a$$-sucker!! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE????

new song

2008-02-19 20:40:06 by Kaviar101

yay... upbeat valley.

FF7 loop Demo is up!

2008-02-13 16:54:02 by Kaviar101

Yay, new song!

Currently has a 3.88/5.00

I'll prolly finish this and make it a full song sooner or later.

New song

2008-01-30 20:16:21 by Kaviar101

Dark secrets... currently 5/5...

Hope you guys all like.

Oh yays!

2008-01-21 14:50:57 by Kaviar101

LOZ- Song of time

score= 2.37!

My first Audio

2008-01-21 13:46:51 by Kaviar101

I'm a bit disappointed... I thought that i'd get a little bit of a better score... Well, i guess I can learn from this. I'll work hard, and do a better job next time. Friggin' w00t.